Illustrator reimagines Disney princesses with body hang-ups to show we’re all beautiful

But one illustrator wanted to show that you don’t have to be perfect to be beautiful. Marcela Sabiá, 28, from São Paulo, Brazil, took Disney princesses and reimagined them with acne, body hair and scars. She also drew Cinderella in a wheelchair and a plus-size Ariel from the Little Mermaid. She explains: ‘I think the Disney princesses are female referrals to thousands of girls around the world, just like they were for me. ‘Knowing the power and reach they have inspired me to use them to talk about body positivity. ‘I thought it would be fun to make them more human and make girls feel represented.’


Marcela Sabiá est brésilienne, elle à 26 ans, elle est illustratrice. Elle fait aujourd’hui partie de ces artistes qui aiment les corps, les vrais, ceux qui sont parfois couverts de cellulite ou d’acné.

10 Instagram Accounts On Mental Health To Follow For A Better State Of Mind

Most people don't understand how difficult it is to to speak up about mental health, without being misjudged, or misrepresented. Thankfully, these 10 Instagram accounts are changing the way we talk about mental illness through art, photos and words. 


crolling through Instagram can get toxic real quick. Especially when you follow a lot of thin models, follow traveling accounts, or just watch your friends live great lives that seem better than yours. Is there a better way to feel better about yourself on the feed?

Luckily enough, there are plenty of artists on Instagram who are here to support you with positive thoughts to become a #BetterYou. Here are just a few picks:

16 Body Positive & Feminist Illustrators You Need To Check Out If You Haven't Already

In a world where the images that we see on a more regular basis features bodies that fit society's ideal, we're here to celebrate the bodies that get overlooked yet look every bit as beautiful. These are some of Instagram's best illustrators and artists for those of you who want to see more body positive and feminist artwork in the world, plus some pretty self care reminders thrown in there.

If You Aren’t Following Intersectional Feminist Brazilian Artist Marcela Sabia On Instagram, Do It Now!

If you are looking for a body-positive, trans-inclusive, intersectional feminist Instagram account to follow, check out Brazilian artist Marcela Sabia (@Marcelailustra). We’re not sure why it took us this long to even stumble across her (shout-out to!) but we’re sure glad we did.

These Latinas Will Give You The Mental Health Boost You Need

While Latinas show similar susceptibility to mental illnesses as anybody else in the country, we have less access to treatment. Disparities, like the lack of health insurance, poverty, language barriers and immigration status, can make necessary care unfeasible, and without treatment, our community is at a greater risk of severe and persistent forms of mental health conditions. For support, many of us are turning to social media, where we find encouraging affirmations and a network to lean on (...)

Brazilian Illustrator: Marcela Sabiá -spreading message of self-love thru art

The Brazilian Illustrator, Marcela Sabiá, has been spreading message of self-love thru art. Her motivation to engage the cause started after the end of a long relationship. She began to feel a necessity of empowerment and to redeem her self-esteem.

Read below the full interview.

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Social media can be a double-edged sword when it comes to mental health. On one hand, being constantly connected makes it impossible not to compare our own lives with picture-perfect 'grams and snaps—leading, of course, to FOMO, but even potentially to depression and anxiety.

Brazilian Illustrator: Marcela Sabiá -spreading message of self-love thru art

The Brazilian Illustrator, Marcela Sabiá, has been spreading message of self-love thru art. Her motivation to engage the cause started after the end of a long relationship. She began to feel a necessity of empowerment and to redeem her self-esteem.


Illustrator Marcela Sabiá shares a dose of self-loving inspiration with us in her beauty-defying artwork. Take a read for all the self-empowering feels you need. 

Screen Shot Capture: Mental Health Advocate and Artist Marcela Sabiá Comments on The Future of Mental Health Awareness

I believe we have reason to be optimistic about the future of mental health, even though we know that technology has affected us quite negatively. I say this because of my own experience sharing my journey to overcome depression and anxiety - talking about my mental illness has brought me incredible feedback from people who felt helped and supported.

11 Instagram Accounts You Should Be Following During Mental Health Month

6- Marcela Sabiá creates body-positive and self-love illustrations with a special focus on mental illness. In addition to her stunning illustrations, Sabiá often writes about her own experience living with mental illness.

Brazilian Illustrator Marcela Sabiá is Challenging the Stigma Surrounding Mental Health, Body Image & Disability

Marcela Sabiá is a 26-year-old Brazilian illustrator who loves dogs, astrology, and creating art that makes the world a better place. She first started creating art professionally in 2015, and now, nearly three years later, she boasts an Instagram following of over 20,000. We chatted with Marcela about her art, her feminist awakening, and what she’d tell young women who are struggling with body image issues or eating disorders. Check out our interview below!

16 stunning illustrations that are helping women cope with mental illness

Marcela Sabiá, an artist based in São Paulo, Brazil, knows the impact of mental illness all too well. The 26-year-old has anxiety as well as depression. Both mental illnesses wreak havoc on people's lives, but Sabiá copes by creating art. Her stunning illustrations, which she shares on Instagram with more than 20,000 followers, offer affirmative mantras for other people who have mental illnesses.

Trans-Inclusive, Body-Positive Art that Embraces Disability? Ooh Tell Me More

Marcela Sabiá is a Brazilian artist and she describes herself as a “self love and body positivity enthusiast”, which is also how anyone would describe her after seeing her wonderfully inspiring art.

Marcela Sabiá Creates Body-Positive, Mental Illness Inspired Art

Marcela Sabiá, an artist based in São Paulo, Brazil, wants to help others living with mental illness feel better about themselves. For Sabiá, the best way to do this is through art, and her artwork – a mixture of body-positive and mental illness inspired creations – resonates in its focus on promoting self-love.

#Girlpower: Gemeinsam durch dick und dünn

Connie, Megan und Marcela sind nur einige jener Frauen, die sich ungeschönt und offen auf Instagram und Co. präsentieren. Sie zeigen sich nicht nur in jenen Momenten, die man gerne in sozialen Netzwerken teilt, sie präsentieren sich oft auch verletzlich, traurig und voller Selbstzweifel - eben in allen Stimmungen, denen man im wahren Leben ausgesetzt ist

Projeto Curadoria

Marcela Sabiá has overcome her anxiety attacks through art and today uses the illustration to talk about mental health, self esteem and acceptance as a way to help other people.

Marcela is interviewed 61/365 in the #projetocuradoria

Read the interview 

Les meilleurs comptes Instagram #BodyPositive

Il manque encore cruellement de diversité, et c’est la raison pour laquelle je vous propose, en collaboration avec ma collègue et amie Laurence, une série d'articles réunissant des comptes Instagram #BodyPositive. Voici les 15 premières personnes à suivre absolument!

O desenho da sua autoestima - #BodyPositive

As marcas na pele contam nossa história de vida, não importa se é uma estria ou marca de nascença, todas elas fazem parte de nós e não temos que ter vergonha de mostrá-las. E a Marcela Sabiá mostra isso em suas ilustrações delicadamente pensadas em exaltar a beleza da mulher.

Depois dos Quinze


E não é que voltamos com mais ilustradores maravilhosos para você seguir no Instagram? A verdade é que eu nunca sei lidar com este tipo de post! Quando partimos nesta InstaJornada (haha!) pra encontrar ilustradores através da rede social que tanto amamos, a vontade é de ficar por lá mesmo: são muitos artistas incríveis, socorro! Hoje, trazemos mais dez deles. Você vai suspirar, se inspirar e, quem sabe, encomendar a sua ilustra personalizada e apoiar o trabalho tão bem feito e cheio de amor destes artistas. Vem com a gente!

Inspiração: a arte da Marcela Sabiá

Conheci o trabalho da Marcela por meio do instagram e gostei tanto que resolvi falar com ela pra mostrar um pouco dele por aqui. A Marcela é formada em Publicidade, mas sempre gostou de arte. Depois de formada voltou a se dedicar a ilustração. O que a inspira é o universo feminino, normalmente retrata mulheres fortes. Sua arte transmite auto confiança, algo que transmita mesmo girl power (poder feminino).

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